Ways to Increase Boiler Efficiency

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Boilers account for more than 35% of the energy used in the industrial sector in the U.S. Most companies with boilers pay hefty electric bills without knowing that they can improve efficiency and save on power. Even though a new boiler may perform better and improve efficiency, there are maintenance tips you can implement and save on energy too. If you have to buy a new one, you need the best brand with power and can last long withstanding the heavy-duty.

Here are some useful tips for cutting down on your power consumption by increasing your boiler efficiency:

Regular Maintenance

This is one of the best ways you can ensure your boiler efficiency. Regular maintenance by an expert ensures that all the parts are working effectively. One faulty area in a boiler may slow down coordination, thus taking more time to give results; more time means more power, which translates to higher bills. Maintenance also ensures that necessary inspections carried out are in adherence with a boiler checklist.

Maintain Insulators

improve insulationWhen insulation is not well installed or not installed, it leads to a loss of heat. The commercial boilers have a large surface area that is most vulnerable to heat loss if not properly insulated. A properly insulated boiler, whether commercial or not, saves up the heat.

Industrial boilers use the recommended refractory material, which is highly effective in the lining of the boiler. If there’s a need to replace the refractory material, it is advisable to have an expert analysis. This analysis determines the boiler’s ability in terms of the weight it can carry or accommodate.

Replace Burners When Worn Out

Burners get worn out and need replacement or retrofitted after a long time of service. A worn-out burner slows down a boiler as it loses efficiency and deteriorates its performance. There are a wide variety of burners available, which yield impressive results. If you cannot replace burners, you may consider retrofitting, although it may not offer as much efficiency as new burners in saving up on the cost and improves the boiler performance.

Use Turbulators

A turbulator is an excellent way of enhancing efficiency, especially so if you have a fire boiler. A turbulator is responsible for heat transfer. It is inserted in the tubes of the boiler to enhance the performance of heat exchangers. It maintains a turbulent flow in the boiler passes by increasing more heat transfer. These devices are amongst the top cost-effective items in the boiler. For effectiveness, they are at the final boiler pass.…

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